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Marriage Minutes

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This is the collection of Marriage Minutes, and other minutes which affirm same-sex unions or commitments among Quakers.

The collection is a work in progress. We have incorporated the minutes previously collected by S. Cohen, as well as any other Minutes we have been able to locate. We have incorporated a list generated by late Wallace Cayard of Cranberry Twp, PA by surveying Monthly Meetings in the United States in 1997 and 2004, published in Friends Journal (April 2005). His work has nearly doubled our collection. We have chosen to list the Meetings which reported to him having Marriage Minutes even if we do not have copies.

Any Meeting with a link is one for whom we have the Marriage Minute.

Table of Contents

  1. Acadia (ME)
  2. Acton (MA)
  3. Adelphi Friends Meeting
  4. Albany Monthly Meeting (NY)
  5. Albuquerque Monthly Meeting
  6. Alexandria Monthly Meeting (VA)
  7. Amawalk (NYYM)
  8. Ames (Iowa Yearly Meeting)
  9. Amesbury Monthly Meeting
  10. Ann Arbor (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  11. Annapolis (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  12. Argenta Monthly Meeting
  13. Athens (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  14. Atlanta Monthly Meeting
  15. Austin (South Central Yearly Meeting)
  16. Australia Yearly Meeting (1984)
  17. Baltimore MM (Homewood)
  18. Baltimore (Stony Run)
  19. Barton-Glover (VT)
  20. Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting
  21. Bear Creek (Iowa Yearly Meeting, Conservative)
  22. Belfast (ME) Monthly Meeting
  23. Belfast Area Monthly Meeting
  24. Bellingham (North Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  25. Beloit (Northern Yearly Meeting)
  26. Berkeley (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  27. Bethesda (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  28. Birmingham (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  29. Bloomington (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)
  30. Boise (North Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  31. Boone (South Appalachian Yearly Meeting)
  32. Boulder (Intermountain Yearly Meeting)
  33. Britain Yearly Meeting
  34. Brooklyn Monthly Meeting (1989, 2007)
  35. Bloomington Friends Meeting (IN)
  36. Buffalo (New York Yearly Meeting)
  37. Burlington Monthly Meeting
  38. Brunswick (ME)
  39. Butternuts Monthly Meeting (Oneonta NY, NYYM) (1993)
  40. Cambridge Monthly Meeting
  41. Canadian Yearly Meeting
  42. Cannon Valley (Northern Yearly Meeting)
  43. Celo Monthly Meeting (Burnsville, NC; S Appalachian YM & Assoc, 1993)
  44. Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
  45. Chamisa Preparative Meeting
  46. Chappaqua (New York Yearly Meeting)
  47. Charlottesville (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  48. Chatham-Summit Meeting (NYYM)
  49. Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting (Phila. YM)
  50. Chico (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  51. Claremont Friends Meeting
  52. Clear Creek (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)
  53. Cleveland (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  54. Cobscook Monthly Meeting
  55. Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting
  56. Columbia (SC) Monthly Meeting
  57. Columbia (MO) Monthly Meeting
  58. Concord Friends Meeting (NH)
  59. Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting
  60. Cornwall (New York Yearly Meeting)
  61. Corvallis (North Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  62. Croton Valley (New York Yearly Meeting)
  63. Davis (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  64. Dayton (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)
  65. Delaware (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  66. Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting
  67. Detroit Monthly Meeting (Lake Erie YM (FGC)) (1986)
  68. Dover Friends Meeting
  69. Downers Grove (Illinois Yearly Meeting)
  70. Dunnings Creek (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  71. Durham (N.C. Yearly Meeting)
  72. Easton Monthly Meeting (NYYM)
  73. Eastside (North Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  74. Eggemoggin Reach Friends Meeting (ME)
  75. Eugene Monthly Meeting (Eugene OR, NPYM) (1987)
  76. Evanston (Illinois Yearly Meeting)
  77. Fayetteville (N.C. Yearly Meeting)
  78. Farmington Friends Meeting
  79. Fifteenth Street Monthly Meeting (NYC, NYYM)
  80. Floyd (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  81. Fort Collins (Intermountain Yearly Meeting)
  82. Fort Lauderdale Friends Meeting (FL)
  83. Framingham Monthly Meeting
  84. Frankford Monthly Meeting (Phila. YM)
  85. Fredrick (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  86. Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting
  87. Friends House Preparative Meeting (London YM) (1987)
  88. Friends Meeting of Washington DC (Baltimore YM)
  89. Friendship (N.C. Yearly Meeting)
  90. Germantown Monthly Meeting
  91. Gettysburg (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  92. Gila (Intermountain Yearly Meeting)
  93. Goose Creek (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  94. Goshen (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  95. Grass Valley (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  96. Green Country Friends Meeting (2002)
  97. Green Street Monthly Meeting (Phila. YM)
  98. Gunpowder Friends Meeting (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  99. Halifax Monthly Meeting (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  100. Hanover Friends Meeting
  101. Harrisburg Monthly Meeting (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  102. Hartford Monthly Meeting
  103. Heartland (North Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  104. Herndon (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  105. Honolulu (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  106. Hopewell (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)
  107. Housatonic (New York Yearly Meeting)
  108. Hudson (New York Yearly Meeting)
  109. Huntington Meeting
  110. Illinois Yearly Meeting
  111. Iowa City (Iowa Yearly Meeting, Conservative)
  112. Ithaca Monthly Meeting
  113. Kalamazoo Friends Meeting
  114. Kennett Square Monthly Meeting (Kennett Sq, PA, Philadelphia YM, 1992)
  115. Kickapoo Valley (WI) Monthly Meeting
  116. Kitchener Area Monthly Meeting (Canada Yearly Meeting)
  117. La Jolla (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  118. Lancaster Monthly Meeting
  119. Lansdowne PA Monthly Meeting of Friends (Phila YM)
  120. Langley Hill (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  121. Lexington (Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting)
  122. Lincoln (Iowa Yearly Meeting, Conservative)
  123. Little Falls (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  124. Live Oak (South Central Yearly Meeting)
  125. Logan Monthly Meeting (UT)
  126. Lynchburg (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  127. Madison Monthly Meeting (Madison, WI) (NYM) (FGC) (1987)
  128. Meeting for Sufferings, the Executive branch of London Yearly Meeting (1987)
  129. Marin (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  130. Maury River (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  131. Media Friends Meeting (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  132. Memphis Monthly Meeting (S Appalachian YM & Assoc.)
  133. Miami (South East Yearly Meeting)
  134. Midcoast Meeting
  135. Midlothian (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  136. Middlebury Friends Meeting (VT)
  137. Middletown Friends Meeting (CT)
  138. Milwaukee Monthly Meeting (Milwaukee, WI) NYM (FGC) (1987)
  139. Minneapolis (Northern Yearly Meeting)
  140. Monadnock Monthly Meeting
  141. Monongalia (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  142. Montclair Friends Meeting (Montclair NJ, NYYM) (1991)
  143. Monthly Meeting of the Friends of Philadelphia (Phila. YM)
  144. Morningside Monthly Meeting (NYC, NYYM) (FUM, FGC)
  145. Mount Toby Monthly Meeting
  146. Mountain View Friends Meeting
  147. Narramissic Valley Meeting (ME)
  148. Nashville Friends Meeting (TN)
  149. New Bedford Friends Meeting (MA)
  150. New Brunswick Monthly Meeting (NJ)
  151. New England Yearly Meeting
  152. New Haven Monthly Meeting
  153. New London Monthly Meeting (NEYM)
  154. New Paltz Monthly Meeting
  155. Newton (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  156. North Columbus (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  157. North Shore Monthly Meeting
  158. Northampton Friends Meeting
  159. North Meadows Circle of Friends (Indianapolis, IN, WYM, FUM; OH YM, FGC) (1987)
  160. North Pacific Yearly Meeting
  161. Northside Friends Meeting
  162. Northwest Quarterly Meeting
  163. Nottingham (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  164. Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting
  165. Old Chatham (New York Yearly Meeting)
  166. Orange County (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  167. Orange Grove (CA) (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  168. Orono Monthly Meeting (ME) (NEYM)
  169. Oxford Friends Meeting (OH) (OVYM)
  170. Pacific Yearly Meeting
  171. Palm Beach
  172. Palo Alto (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  173. Paullina (IA) Monthly Meeting
  174. Patapsco Friends Meeting (Ellicott City, MD) (BYM)
  175. Peconic Bay (New York Yearly Meeting)
  176. Penn Valley Meeting (Kansas City, MO) (Iowa YM (Conservative)) (1987)
  177. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
  178. Pima Monthly Meeting
  179. Pine River (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  180. Pipe Creek (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  181. Pittsburgh (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  182. Pond Town Friends Meeting (ME)
  183. Portland Monthly Meeting
  184. Princeton (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  185. Providence Monthly Meeting
  186. Purchase Monthly Meeting
  187. Putney Monthly Meeting
  188. Quaker Lake (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  189. Radnor (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  190. Reading (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)
  191. Red Cedar Monthly Meeting
  192. Redwood Forest (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  193. Reno (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  194. Richmond Monthly Meeting
  195. Roanoke (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  196. Rochester Monthly Meeting
  197. Sacramento Monthly Meeting
  198. Salem Quarterly Meeting
  199. Salt Lake Monthly Meeting
  200. Sandwich Monthly Meeting (MA)
  201. San Antonio (South Central Yearly Meeting)
  202. San Diego (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  203. San Francisco (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  204. San Jose (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  205. Sandy Spring (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)
  206. Santa Barbara (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  207. Santa Cruz Monthly Meeting (Pacific YM, 2011)
  208. Santa Fe Monthly Meeting
  209. Santa Monica (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  210. Scarsdale (New York Yearly Meeting)
  211. Seaville Monthly Meeting (NJ) (Phila. YM)
  212. Smithfield Meeting
  213. South Bend Friends Meeting (IN) (IYM)
  214. South Berkshire Monthly Meeting
  215. South Central Yearly Meeting
  216. Southern California Quarterly Meeting (Pacific YM, 1993)
  217. St. Louis (Illinois Yearly Meeting)
  218. St. Petersburg Monthly Meeting (St.Petersburg, FL; Southeastern YM, FUM/FGC, 1987)
  219. Stillwater (South Central Yearly Meeting)
  220. Storrs Monthly Meeting
  221. Strawberry Creek (Pacific Yearly Meeting)
  222. Sweden Yearly Meeting
  223. Summit Monthly Meeting (NJ)
  224. Tallahassee Monthly Meeting
  225. Toronto Monthly Meeting (Canada YM)
  226. Transvaal Monthly Meeting, S.Africa (1983)
  227. Twin Cities Monthly Meeting (NYM) (1986) (FGC)
  228. Unami Monthly Meeting (Pennsburg PA, Phila YM, 1985)
  229. University Friends Meeting (WA)
  230. Utah Friends Fellowship
  231. Vancouver Monthly Meeting
  232. Vassalboro Friends Meeting (ME, NEYM)
  233. Virginia Beach (N.C. Yearly Meeting)
  234. Wellesley Friends Meeting (MA)
  235. Westbury Monthly Meeting (NYYM)
  236. Westerly Friends Meeting (RI)
  237. Westfield Monthly Meeting (Cinnaminson, NJ)
  238. Westport (NEYM)
  239. Waterboro Monthly Meeting (ME)
  240. Williamsburg Monthly Meeting (Balt YM) (1993)
  241. Winnipeg Monthly Meeting
  242. Winthrop Center Friends Church
  243. Wolfville Monthly Meeting
  244. Yarmouth Preparative Meeting
  245. Yellow Springs Ohio Friends Meeting
  246. York (Baltimore Yearly Meeting)

If you have a Marriage Minute or Minute for other Committment Ceremony for Same-Sex couples that isn't on either list please let us know! Best would be an electronic copy, sent to us; next best would be a fax or printed copy; we'll let you know how to send it.

There is a growing collection of gender minutes collected here by NYYM: http://www.nyym.org/nurture/gender/.